Hallelujah Jesus Christ Is King Of Kings & Lord of Lords

Hallelujah, my God and Saviour Jesus Christ is indeed King of kings and Lord of lords! Isn't it something how the Lord operate? I was listening to one of my favorite Pastors yesterday on his weekly radio/ Internet Bible program. His topic this Saturday was about Jesus being King of kings and Lord of lords as it is told in 1 Timothy 6:15, Revelation 17:14, and Revelation 19:16.

So, today, I was listening to the Handel's Messiah music CD. I have been listening to it while I read the Bible. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that one of the songs titled Hallelujah has lyrics that are, "King of kings and Lord of lords!"

I was so amazed at that since the Pastor had talked about Jesus being King and Lord yesterday. I was so excited I started singing that song so loud. It's a wonder if the neighbors in the house next door didn't hear me. God is SO awesome! It's truly amazing to think about the Lord's soon return! He WILL rule and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords! Soon!

We, his bride will rule with him, but the exciting part is actually seeing him with our naked eyes and physically being with him. What true born-again Christian is there who isn't longing for an end of evil and corruption, and yearning for his glorious return?

When I  searched online for a video of the song Hallelujah to post on this blog I saw some that were "flash" singing. Those were awesome. They prove a point I made in my post about celebrating Christmas. It's a time to sing about Jesus and even unbelievers join in . I think it's a neat idea for a group of people to go to a crowded, shopping mall and then just start singing songs about Jesus.

Christmas is the ideal time to do it. It's singing and witnessing about Jesus at the same time. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Hallelujah! Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords and he shall reign forever!

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